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I have a couple of claims I'd like to make, if you don't mind.

First, I'd like to have Benji Gregory from ALF, please. :D

Well, that was easy.
He isn't on the list but, if I could, I'd like to claim David Henesy. I'm not sure if anyone here will have heard of him, as I guess he's pretty obscure. He's best known for playing David Collins (among other characters) on Dark Shadows, from 1966 to 1970. Honestly, he didn't do much else, and he quit acting after leaving Dark Shadows. As I said he's pretty obscure, but while DS was on the air, he was quite popular (even to *gasp* "teen idol" status?).

I want to claim him to go with my Denise Nickerson claim. *pokes my icon* Weren't they cute? Haha. ^_^

Anyhow, I'd really love to claim David Henesy, but if I can't I totally understand and will be satisfied with just my dear "Brian Tanner." =]

Thank you and goodnight!
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