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Marcia and Jan...

"Marcia!  Marcia!  Marcia!", those immortal words, uttered by younger sister Jan Brady (Eve Plumb) have stuck with us since 1971.  Everyone that has an older sibling can empathize with poor Jan's plight of the "Perfect Marcia Brady".  However, was Maureen McCormick really the "girl next door", with her eternally straight and perfect hair, her beautiful smile, witty charm and the groovyiest outfits?  Was Maureen Marcia and Marcia really Maureen?...

According to fellow Brady co-stars, and mostly Barry Williams who played older brother Greg, Maureen had a few quirks that just didn't seem to align with Marcia.  A few we as fans of the Brady Bunch already know include, tete-a-tetes with Barry himself and smoking backstage during the Brady years.  When the sitcom was cancelled, Maureen developed the physically harmful habit of buliema while in her final years of high school.  In addition, she became involved with a drug user, which led to her cocaine abuse period.  For sure that doesn't sound like the perfect Marcia Brady!  But wait...  Maureen admits herself that it was she that dug deep down inside to summon the courage to break free of those two terrible habits.  Now, THAT sounds like the Marcia Brady we all grew to know and love!!!  Inner courage, strength and fortitude pulled Maureen from those dark days into the light of the "perfect girl next door".  Now with her constant charm, grace and beauty she still maintains that "Marcia Brady" look to this day.  Maureen's inner beauty still shines!  :)

But what of poor Jan??  What became of Eve Plumb?...  We watched her turn from Brady star to Dawn, the hooker.  What!?!?  This must run in the family!...  Well, it does, to an extent.  Where Maureen's problems were real life ones, Eve switched roles from Brady star to street star, delivering a strong message to teenage girls across America, that running away would likely end up seeing their lives on the street, selling themselves.  What a character role switch, but Eve Plumb pulled it off without a hitch, as smooth as Peggy Flemming's skates on the Olympic ice and as effortless as Nadia's perfect 10 repeat performances in gymnastics.  Now an accomplished artist, with exhibits around the world, she prefers to leave her perfect Brady family behind so she may display her inner talents as a world renowned artist!  She loves her art world fans, just don't ask her to say "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!".
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