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childstarclaims's Journal

Former Child Star Claims
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Inspired by a blog site I discovered where they seemed completely devoted to trashing former child stars… the idea for this claims community was born. The blog had managed to irritate me I can’t tell you how much, and I felt that a place was needed where we could show the love instead.

Dickie Robert: Former Child Star; think of the song Child Stars on Your Television as our community motto (“Former child stars are people too. They're the same as you and you and you. So we ask this simple question, how can it be that you occasionally don’t respect their dignity?”)


So, do you love child stars and agree that they should still be respected after their moments in the spotlight have faded? Do you also agree that the ones who have made mistakes shouldn’t be judged by all they have done in the past? (Let’s remember if they weren’t famous you wouldn’t even know for example that they had a drug problem. And so what if they’re in rehab. If you care about someone then that’s something you should be happy for. It would be like your favourite cousin having an alcohol problem and then getting the help they need. I would assume that since you care about them you would be thankful, not poking fun and laughing at them.)

If you could answer “yes” to those questions and you like communities where you can have fun claiming what you love, then this is just the place for you. Give some of your favourite stars the love they still deserve. Claim them (all in fun though just like any other claims community that may involve real people, no one really owns anyone, we wouldn’t want to be like stalkers would we), and proudly display your love on your user info.

Specifics on the stars you can claim:

* They must be a former child star. It’s not restricted to television and you can pick stars from the movies too. All we ask is that you stick to those who fit the bill as a “former child star”, thus meaning no one who was perhaps a child star and is still on top of their acting career as an adult (i.e. no Elijah Wood’s, Leonardo Decaprio’s, Christina Ricci’s, etc. please.) If you have a question on whether someone you wish to claim qualifies or not, feel free to ask.
* That leads me to… “I don’t see my favourite child star listed here. What gives?” Well if they fit into the description of “former child star”, most likely you needn’t worry. With hundreds and hundreds of child stars it would be very easy to overlook some, whether by accident or maybe I myself am not familiar with what they might’ve done. Just tell me who you would like to claim that I’ve forgotten and it’s as simple as that. Again if you’re not sure if someone qualifies, just ask. You may not know unless you do.
* Could more stars be added to this list in the future? It’s possible, and probably likely given the number of how many child stars there are. Not all of the ones who are popular right now will always be where they are forever. Now I know some folks seem to think they can predict whether a child star is really going to be set for life and that they’ll be on top until they retire at age 95. Well the truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen to a child star like Dakota Fanning someday for example. Now maybe she’ll become the next Jodie Foster and have a steady, successful career after she grows up, but we really can’t predict which way her life will end up going. Similarly lots of folks have said that Heather O'Rourke (of Poltergeist fame) would’ve made it big if her life hadn’t ended at such a young age. Well she’s listed here because I agree that she was taken from this earth much too soon, but again we can’t say for sure what would’ve happened to her if she was still alive today. Now I’m not saying it’s not possible that she wouldn’t still be doing well in her acting career, but we have to look at the flip side and think maybe she would’ve been seen in Hollywood as someone who’s not as cute as the kid she used to be and suddenly she’d be on this list for a whole new set of reasons.


How to make your claim(s):

* Since there are hundreds and hundreds of former child stars, I’m being very generous and letting people make a maximum of 9 claims. Now you don’t have to claim that many of course, but that’s the highest number you can go to. (*Promote this community in one place, and show us where you’ve promoted it, and you’ll get an extra claim. Now I do realize this probably only benefits people if they have 9 and want to make it an even 10, and so it won’t really effect you if you’re only looking to claim anything under that, but if that’s the case feel free to please promote us anyway. You love child stars and we want this community to be shared by people like us.)
* To make your claims all you have to do is make a post telling me what star(s) you want and then I will add you to the list.
* Please make sure that your star(s) have not already been claimed. Only one person may claim a celebrity. Now remember there are literally hundreds of possibilities here, and you can claim someone who may not necessary be listed just so long as they are a former child star.
* Also, to keep out those who may not respect former child stars, (I’m thinking of some of the things I’ve seen on the aforementioned blog), I would ask that when you make your claim request post, could you please also include a explanation as to why you want to make the claims you are asking for. It doesn’t have to be any mega-elaborative reasoning and could be something very simple such as “I used to have such a crush on Greg Brady and I still think Barry Williams is a very likable guy…” But if it’s something like “I have been locked inside of my bathroom, masturbating to your pictures for 3 days now” (What someone said regarding Michael Oliver of Problem Child fame over at the previously mentioned blog of bashing, and this actually one of the lesser derogatory comments that were made too.) If that’s your reasoning then you can leave now. That is not what this community is about.

Now, we’re almost at the claim’s list, just a few more questions you may have that I’d like to address concerning some specifics stars you will see there (or won’t in some cases)

We’ll call this the FAQ area.

* “I see four of the Wonka kids, but where is the girl who played Veruca Salt?”

Of the five kids who starred in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Julie Dawn Nicole is the only one continued on in her acting career. Some just may not have heard that much more about her because she’s doing mostly British television. Currently she can be seen on a show entitled Angel Cake.

* “Why is someone like Eddie Mekka included on the list? Wasn’t he in his mid-twenties going on 30 when he first starred as Carmine Ragusa on Laverne and Shirley? I don’t think that qualifies as a “child” star.”

Yes, yes he was. I asked myself the same question when I saw him as part of the group singing Child Stars on Your Television. But the fact that he’s there is also why he’s here now.

* “You have Justine Bateman listed, but where is her brother Jason?”

It may have looked like Jason could’ve been added to the list after Valerie was over, mostly appearing in the occasional television episode of shows such as Ned and Stacy, Chicago Sons, etc., but somewhere along the way something happened to Jason and now he’s got what seems to be a lot of decent staring roles in movies. You might’ve seen him this year in Smokin’ Aces or The Ex. He’s also completed The Kingdom and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium which we can expect out sometime later this year. And he’s also got a couple other films he’s doing right now as well.

* “Why is someone like Clint Howard listed? I’ve looked at his list of credits and it seems like he’s still going pretty strong to me.”

Yes he’s still acting, but have you noticed too he’s also getting the significantly smaller bit parts? So yes he may still be doing his career, but times have definitely changed for him since he was on TV. He fits very well into one the main groups that former child stars seem to get placed into because of this. Clint seems like he wants to keep working, but in order to do so he takes the lesser roles. Often times appearing in movies directed by his brother Ron.

* “Can I claim Dickie Roberts?”

Let’s try and stick to non-fictitious former child stars, okay? :)


And now let’s get onto those claims shall we :)

Since there are so many (and the lists will only be growing), I’ve divided them onto two lists going alphabetically by last name.



Also due to the multiple claims allowed, we shall be keeping track of how many claims you have left should you not feel like making them all at once.

Number of Claims Left


Well, that pretty much wraps things up. So enjoy your stay here and have fun!


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